Timeline for our wedding

There has been a change of venue on Saturday, the 22nd of July! Please read the new info below!

To translate the texts on this site we recommend the translator https://www.deepl.com/translator.

We can’t wait for you to be part of our celebration. It’s going to be a memorable couple days that we get to share with each other and that we’ll cherish forever.

On this site you will find some helpful information for the wedding. If there’s something that you need help with, reach out and let us know how we can lend a hand! Please note that the venue on Saturday has been changed. We have also updated the wedding present section below.

If you want to contribute to the program, whether it’s a speech or a tropical dance number, contact the best man, Niko, via WhatsApp or SMS (english or german) at +4915112777247. We need to know any contribution, so we can plan the night 🙂

To all the parents from outside of Munich joining our wedding day on Saturday with their children: we have arranged for a baby sitter on the 22nd of July for the evening at the party at Hotel & Gasthof zur Post.

Some advise for everyone traveling through Germany and using public transport in and around Munich: There is a 49€ One-Month-Ticket which is valid for all trains and public transportation EXCEPT the white trains (ICE/IC). The ticket is valid for any chosen month (July, August etc.).

As the special day approaches, we want to make sure everyone is able to celebrate with us carefree and safely! So we ask everyone in attendance to take extra precautions regarding corona during the 2-3 weeks leading up to the wedding. Put on your FFP2 mask when you travel on plains and trains, and please get tested on both wedding days – don’t worry about it being a hassle; free rapid corona tests are available so that our wedding celebration is as safe & relaxed as can be. Together we can keep our wedding a healthy occasion for all.

Friday, July 21st – Traditional Bavarian Evening

Venue: Liebighof im Lehel

Liebigstraße 14, 80538 München, Germany

We have booked this traditional Bavarian Restaurant for the evening.

📸 Please note, that our wedding photographer Verena “Vreni will be there and you can ask her to take some nice and fun couples, friends or family pictures. After the wedding we will send you a link to ALL of the photos, so feel free to ask her to photograph any moment.

Starts at 18 o’clock (6pm)

The evening starts at 18 o’clock / 6pm! Round up your lederhosen and dirndls, it’s time for a Bavarian get-together! Join us on Friday at 6pm in the heart of Munich at the Restaurant Liebighof to experience German culture firsthand. You can enjoy delicious Bavarian specialities – such as ham, sausages, breads & more local snacks – along with drinks as you get to know everyone in an relaxed atmosphere. Come prepared for musical Oktoberfest classics featuring traditional music from our host city.

We have booked the restaurant just for us. Google maps is excellent for navigating with public and private transportation in Munich. We recommend you to use the Uber-App to book a taxi ride, as it is often less expensive and more reliable than a normal taxi.

Ends at 23 o’clock (11pm)

The get-together on Friday evening won’t be an all-nighter for us, so we have planned on going home at 11 pm at the latest – as you may know, we have an important appointment the next day. However, if you are planning to party for two nights straight, there are plenty of clubs and bars nearby.

For your drive home, you can easily use the public transportation in Munich or an Uber-car.

Dress code on Friday

For the perfect wedding experience, don’t feel any pressure to dress up or buy any special clothes – the most important thing for us is to have a great time together! But if you’re feeling extra fancy for our Bavarian costume evening, we’ve got everything you need to make it an unforgettable experience. Check out all of the details below.

On Friday evening you can wear either Bavarian “Tracht” (traditional bavarian clothing, such as lederhosen or a dirndl-dress) or normal trousers / jeans with a shirt or a summer dress. Don’t feel any pressure to buy anything new!

However, if you want to buy a traditionall bavarian outfit, we are more than happy to accompany you to a store. There are stores for every price range, just as an example we listed the following 3 stores:

Trachten Angermaier (Women’s outfits start at 80€, men’s lederhosen trousers at 160€, but there are some nice shirts as well, if you want to combine one with some jeans 😊 )
Trachten Outlet (Outfits starting from 200€)
Lodenfrey (Outfits starting from 500+€)

Renting and outfit (we don’t know the place):

The most important thing is to avoid any tourist trap shops with horrible clothes 🫣 please ask us for help! Or just come in a relaxed summer outfit.

Saturday, July 22nd – The Wedding Day

Please note that there has been a last-minute change of venue for this day!!

In the final days before our wedding we were forced to change the venue. However, we have secured two beautiful new venues for the ceremony/ reception and the location for the wedding celebration. Rest assured, we have arranged transportation for all our guests to ensure a seamless transition to both locations.

If you’re planning to stay overnight at our new wedding venue in Aschheim near Munich, you can take advantage of our special wedding room rate by booking a hotel room there. Need to head back to Munich after the party? A quick 20-25 minute taxi or Uber ride will cost around €60-80 (or €15-20 per person). However, the festivities will hopefully last all night, so consider catching public transportation in the early hours of the day for a cheaper option (around a 1-hour journey).

ps. If you stay the night from Saturday to Sunday in the hotel in Aschheim by Munich, you can leave all your luggage in the bus until we arrive in Aschheim later in the day.

If you have any questions throughout the day, please feel free to ask the best man team (languages: English and German), consisting of Niko (+4915112777247) and Vernon (+4915112777247), who can be identified by the purple flower corsage on their suit jackets. Alternatively, you can approach the lovely maid of honour team (languages: English, Finnish and German), consisting of Linda (+4917684450391) and Olga (+4915257426895), who will be wearing a purple flower corsage on their wrists. Also our good friend Azu from Peru (+49 1605216342) will be there to help, if you want to ask something in spanish. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance in as needed!

To all the parents from outside of Munich joining our special day with their children: we have arranged for a baby sitter for the evening at Hotel & Gasthof zur Post in Aschheim.

New time table:

1st Venue: Waldhaus zur alten Tram

Riedweg 41, 82064 Straßlach-Dingharting

13.30 o’clock (1.30pm) – We meet at Theresienwiese

We meet at the main entrance of the Theresienwiese at Bavariaring 5, 80336 Munich. Please orientate yourself to the Oktoberfest Assassination Memorial or the Theresienwiese parking lot, both of which are located at the northern tip of the Theresienwiese. A good way to get there is from the u-bahn stop “Theresienwiese”. But any taxi driver or local on the “Theresienwiese” will know where the parking lot is (Theresienwiese is actually the spot for our famous Oktoberfest).

The two big buses are ready and waiting for you to depart at 13:45-14:00 / 1:45-2pm sharp. The busses will REALLY LEAVE at that time! During the 30-40 minute ride, take in the stunning Bavarian scenery and mingle with your fellow guests. Once we arrive at Waldhaus zur alten Tram, you’ll have plenty of time to get settled before the ceremony begins. Enjoy the ride and see you soon!

15-15.30 o’clock (3-3.30pm) – The wedding ceremony begins

Get ready for a the wedding ceremony! Grab some rose petals and soap bubbles, find a seat, and have some tissues at the ready. Stephan will take his place at the wedding arch, eagerly waiting for the arrival of his bride, Karoliina. The ceremony will last around 30 minutes, filled with love and cherished moments. Once the vows have been exchanged, we, the newlyweds, will walk back down the aisle, and it’s your cue to throw rose petals and blow soap bubbles to celebrate our union!

16 o’clock (4pm) – The wedding reception begins

Now let’s raise a glass and enjoy some delicious antipasti and aperitif drinks while we mingle. Our talented wedding photographer, VerenaVreni “, will be capturing every special moment throughout the whole day. You’re welcome to request photos with your loved ones and new friends, and we’ll provide a link to all the photos after the event. Don’t miss out on the chance to snap a few memories on the vintage tram at the venue.

Please note: We’ll also be taking group, family and wedding photos now, so please stick around. Thank you!

At 17 o’clock / 5 pm it’s time to get on the bus again!

2nd and final Venue: Hotel & Gasthof zur Post

Ismaninger Str. 11, 85609 Aschheim

17 o’clock (5pm) – The final bus ride begins

Welcome aboard! Let’s enjoy a pleasant bus ride through the bavarian countryside with drinks and some good company. In about 30-40 minutes we will arrive at our final destination for the day, Hotel & Gasthof zur Post.

Upon arrival, you can either check-in to your room or head straight to the wedding party venue. Grab a drink at the bar, snap some adorable photo booth pictures, and mingle with other guests. We can’t wait to have you join us!

18.30 o’clock (6.30pm) – Wedding dinner starts

Welcome to the much-awaited wedding dinner! Our three-course meal is set to be served at your table. We’d like to remind you that we took note of your allergies. If you have any potentially deadly allergies, please let us know now.

As we move from one course to the next, we’ll make time for speeches and entertainment. If you want to contribute to the program, whether it’s a speech or a tropical dance number, contact the best man, Niko, via WhatsApp or SMS (english or german) at +4915112777247. We need to know any contribution, so we can plan the night 🙂

22 o’clock (10pm) – Cake and party time

At 22 c’clock / 10pm, get ready for the cutting of the wedding cake! Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in sweet treats and desserts.

Following this, we, the happy couple will take the dance floor to dance to “our song” and after that we warmly welcome all guests to join us on the dance floor!

Head on over to the bar and quench your thirst with a drink or five.

If you want to request a special song, fill out a song card at the DJ’s desk – we have already requested for Käärijä’s “cha cha cha.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there! A photo booth with props shall be available for all guests to capture memories until midnight. We’ll send you a link to relive the fun through the photo booth snaps after the wedding.

You can also take a break from dancing and check out other little activities in the room (like filling out our guestbook etc.)

Midnight – Snack time

It’s midnight and the perfect time for some late-night snacking. There was never a better time for a snackcident; you’ll need all the energy you can get. With our new location, we can party until dawn if you have the stamina. Don’t forget to hydrate with water in between dances and have some fun with our dance floor props. So, let’s have a great time and dance the night away.

Here the map for the 22nd of July 2023:

Dress code for Saturday

Our wish: (Semi-)Formal or festive.


Overall we wish for a (Semi-)Formal or festive dress code. For example it would be lovely if men could could wear a suit with a white or blue shirt and women a dress, jumpsuit or formal suit.

Wedding presents

As we are frequently asked, what we wish for, we decided to put this section on the webpage as well. In case you wish to make a present, rather than traditional wedding gifts, we kindly ask for monetary contributions, as we have been living together since 2015 and do not need any more household appliances. We are truly grateful for your understanding and for being a part of our special day.

If his wish you can directly transfer the money, or give your present on our wedding day in person.

Bank details:
Stephan Kranz
DE61 1001 0010 0728 0051 15

Accommodation & Hotels

We recommend you to check airbnb, there are several guests who want to share a house/an appartement, so just shoot us a message to learn more about that. As Saturday will be the longer night, we recommend either booking a room at the new 2nd Venue (Hotel & Gasthof zur Post Ismaninger Str. 11, 85609 Aschheim), so you have a shorter distance to your comfortable bed in the night 😉 Alternatively, if like staying in Munich, a taxi ride will only be 20-25 minutes from the Saturday event and public transportation is available in the morning.

See the locations on the map (please enjoy Karoliina’s excellent graphic design talent 😂):

Here you can find some hotels we recommend, but obviously you can find some many nice guesthouses, hostels and hotels in the city. Our options are centrally located and have decent rooms:


Saturday’s wedding venue (longest night): Hotel & Gasthof zur Post, Ismaninger Str. 11, 85609 Aschheim https://www.hotelpost-aschheim.de/

https://www.aohostels.com/en/ – central and close to us, but not the nicest place
Have a look here as well: https://www.hostelworld.com

Up To 150€ night

https://www.motel-one.com/en/ – very good value for money
https://www.hotellaimerhof.de – very close to our home
https://all.accor.com/hotel/8866/index.en.shtml – central and close to us
https://www.discoverasr.com/en/citadines/germany/citadines-arnulfpark-munich – central and close to us
http://www.hotelneworly.de/ – ok, but not our first recommendation

Over 150€ night


500+€ night

https://www.mandarinoriental.com/en/ (very very nice roof top terrace, just go there and have a drink, even if you are not staying here)

Activities in and around Munich

Our recommendations in the center of Munich

  1. Walk and swim in English Garden (For the dare devils: let the current take you down stream, and take the tram-bahn back to the city center)
  2. Watch the surfers at Eisbachwelle in English Garden
  3. Go to Viktualien Markt and eat a salmon sandwich (with horse reddish) at Fisch Witte
  4. On your way back from Viktualien Markt make sure to climb the 306 stairs of Alter Peter for a fantastic view
  5. Visit Olympiapark München (if you are not scared of the hight Flying Fox)
  6. Enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop terrace at Mandarin Oriental

Around Munich

  1. Visit and swim at lake Starnberg. You can take the Sbahn.
  2. Go to the Alps
    You can visit Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. Take the BOB to get there.
    Or a good alternative is to visit Lenggries.
  3. Hidden Gem: Visit Lake Tegernsee and walk up to Tegernseer Hütte – if possible, spend a night there.